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  • .com

    from $10.56

  • .net

    from $10.56

  • .co

    from $27.95

  • .com.mx

    from $99.00

  • .de $24.95
  • .it $39.95
  • .cc $39.95
  • .tv $33.95
  • .fr $27.50
  • .ch $15.95
  • .li $31.50
  • .es $26.25
  • .eu $14.95
  • .ca $15.37
  • .cn$39.95
  • .club $18.00
  • How do I renew my domains?

    Just open your client area, go to Domains. At the same line of your domain, there is a button to renew it.

  • Do I need a domain name to have a website?

    At scriptcase.host, you can use a free subdomain from us to create your website. But is better to your business to register a domain to have your own brand/name over the Internet.

  • How do i register a domain name?

    Just find the better name to your business and fill the input above.

  • What are top-level domains (TLD) and country code top-level domains (ccTLD)?

    A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. ccTLD is two-letter domains established for countries or territories. With some historical exceptions, the code for any territory is the same as its two-letter ISO 3166 code.?

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