The Importance of sitemap for website

February 25, 2014 Vinícius Muniz

The Importance of sitemap for website

Much has been made of importance of sitemap for website and there are numerous questions on this subject. Therefore, we selected some
relevant issues in order to enlighten them that you own a website or blog.

In the first place, which is that sitemap? Then what protocols? What importance Sitemap ? And how to create a Sitemap ?

What is, and what serves the Sitemap

In clear terms, the Sitemap is a way to list all the known URLs or pages of the site so that Google knows what will ensure that the
robot will Google find your pages more easily.

In reality, the Sitemap aims to tell Google the pages of your website ie acts as a map that guides and helps the robot and also
the user to find your pages more easily.

Google Sitemap for the function is to list all the pages of your website. Also, you can send through the metadata Sitemap to Google about the most
various types of content that you provide, be they in text, pictures or videos.

Briefly, the Sitemap will provide users with better navigation and serve as a map for the Google robot.

The Standards Sitemap

Google has pre-established protocols and standards how to create a Sitemap , which can be checked on the links below:

How to Create a Sitemap:

Sitemap Protocol:

However, it should be understood that the Google bots read the map differently by users, so there are two types of patterns Sitemap .


This aims to meet or answer questions of the user, enabling better navigation. In fact it was almost like a convention adopted by

Search fields are those in which the user writes or search quickly you want to visit your site.


sitemap using

In this case, is geared exclusively to the robot and is intended to facilitate that your information is found. In Sitemap.xml the
file must strictly follow the standards and framework established by Sitemap protocol.

It is important to keep in mind when building a website that all of that architecture needs to be well prepared and organized, as it helps in indexing
categories and all pages of your site. Even with a well-designed architecture, no website reaches the point of dispense use Sitemap .

There is also a sitemap.xml.gz , which is a version of the same file, but more compact, smaller than the original and also the advantage of
facilitate search robot.

Importantly, generate a link to the Sitemap will not bring any benefits in terms of SEO, what you can do is
configure your sitemap to be updated every time your site pass for new updates to Google to crawl and understand that the frequency
need to return to the website, which will depend on your content updates.

The Importance of Sitemap

Just the fact that in directing the user to the information they seek and also facilitate searches of Googlebot in itself are extremely have importance Sitemap in the upgraded site.

Selected some factors that clarify how important it is to have Sitemap on your website or blog:

  • If your site or blog is new and there are few links without the Sitemap will be difficult Robot Google detect it or will not appear in searches with ease
  • In the case of site with dynamic content facilitates the search
  • On site pages that have difficult to find or AJAX or image with Sitemap content will be easier to find your pages robot
  • So that your website has good indexing
  • Help Google search engine to find all the content available and their URLs
  • facilitates navigation on your site

These are the main reasons why you must have Sitemap on your site which will ensure more visibility on Google search engine and
best browsing experience for the user.

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