Learn more about the benefits of VPS

February 15, 2016 Vinícius Muniz

Learn more about the benefits of VPS

Especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses who need a dedicated server but should keep an eye on the budget, the Virtual Private Server ( VPS ) or Virtual Server is the best choice. Likewise a dedicated server , the VPS offers features that are not shared by others because, despite being a compartmentalized physical server into multiple virtual servers, each of which is isolated from other vitualmente, allowing your own scripts are kept, files, software, processes and users – but at a much more affordable cost


Performance and guaranteed stability

VPS you add performance, reliability and security for their web sites or applications and can further expand resources such as RAM and internet link according to the real-time needs as your site is growing in number of access and use.

As each virtual private server has its own space – with specific amount of CPU, disk and memory resources – the failure of one does not affect the other, guaranteeing performance and stability. Similarly, the virtual server has the ability to work as much data as necessary, but never consume all physical server resources, as can happen on a shared server, when an inexperienced webmaster loads scripts that overwhelm other resources, for example .

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Costs leave more account

As VPS is a virtual segment created from a software that allows you to allocate your resources without the need to configure a new machine for this, he has a much more affordable cost. You keep the benefits of a private server without having to bear the cost of installing a dedicated server, with a saving of about 50% -. And with all administrator rights

Freedom to manage the way you want

Your freedom is also guaranteed in the same way on a dedicated server: since it does not violate any contractual rule hosting provider, you have the freedom to install any application, with free access to the root environment. That is, you have full control over your hosting account.

You decide what software to be installed, set up and run – including those special components from third parties that some programs need to run properly and you can not install on a shared hosting environment. But as VPS operates independently of one another, your you manage the way you want via a user friendly control panel or the command line.


Top Value

VPS fills a gap between dedicated, expensive servers, and shared, cheap, offering slightly less resources than the first – and therefore ideal for those just starting out or is small or medium-sized – but much more stability, autonomy and security than the latter. It’s the one with the best value for money, since you do not have to worry about what “neighbors” are doing but can manage their own space as it sees best, adapting and following their own growth.

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