Firebird on

March 14, 2015 Vinícius Muniz

Firebird on

Firebird now available at, at all levels. Do not stop using, one of the most widely used databases, and full of existing resources.

Firebird is a database management system. Based on code from Borland’s InterBase, when opening your code in version 6.0.

The Firebird is free in every sense: there is no usage limitations, and their supporting widely discussed in lists on the Internet, which greatly facilitates the obtaining of technical help. The Firebird will receive also a mobile version for Android the Google operating system for mobile devices.

The product is very safe and reliable, supporting systems with hundreds of simultaneous users and databases with tens/hundreds of gigabytes. There is free support on the Internet through various Web sites and groups.

A good query site, and support is Brazilian site: Firebase

The Firebird is widely used around the world, with the largest user base in Brazil, Russia and Europe.

in the firebird, you find resources of large databases at no cost. And now, you can find these features also in .

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Vinícius Muniz
Vinícius Muniz

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