All about hosting sites

January 22, 2016 Vinícius Muniz

All about hosting sites

Surely you must have heard web hosting . Only to well remember what it means, WebHost or, as it is called, website hosting is a service that gives the possibility to persons or companies with online systems for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible via Web.

Web hosting providers are typically companies that provide space on their servers and internet connection to this data to their customers.

What is hosting?

The site hosting is the storage service from a website and constant availability of it on the Internet, ie the service hosting gives the possibility of your site to be viewed 24 hours a day worldwide. To be exact, they are billions of users around the globe.

When you create a website and want others to also see it, you have to publish, that is, upload your website – in terms técnicos- through a web hosting service.

Hosting plans will still allow you to use personal e-mail with your name and domain. The domain is the address of your website. . Register the domain is the first step to have a website and it is the fastest way to be found on the Web Other services may also be associated with your hosting plan, such as database access statistics, site builder, among many others.

Still on the domain: Domain is a name that is used to locate and identify sets of computers on the Internet. The domain name was conceived in order to facilitate the memorization of computer Internet addresses. Without it, we would have to memorize a large number sequence.

Every domain has a DNS zone. This is a file that defines the domain notes as NS type that define which are the servers that communicate the Internet domain, MX which servers will respond by e-mail from this domain on the Internet and others as A and CNAME which allow you to create entries directed to a particular server.

If you are the owner of a company present on the Internet or a blog and want to take more seriously, chances are you’ve thought about for a domain “.com” for your site. However, few people know how to register.

Know that there are foreign service like GoDaddy, which is the most widely used worldwide and which enable register domains “.com”, “.net”, among others.

In Brazil, there is Registro.Br, a website where you can consult and find out if the domain name is available for use. Additionally, you may conduct the registration and pay the annual fees to continue with the address.


How to make a record of domí

Step by step to have your own domain. Follow the recommendations below to create yours.

The first step to create the domí is to check whether the name is available. Therefore, please access the and check whether the domain you want to register has not already been used by someone else. On the homepage, you’ll see a field to include the site name you want to register.

If the domain you intend to use has already been registered, the service will display options with the same address, but with different endings. To better understand what each means termination, the Registro.BR has a page explaining each. So you can see which is best suited to your site.

If everything went as planned, the address is available to be registered and you can sign up for the service. It must include your data, such as e mail, full name, address and telephone number, as well as create a password within the service. After doing all this, you are ready to register your domain.

Then, with the registration done, it’s time to make the record of your address. To register the domain, you must enter some data like Social Security in case of individual or CNPJ if corporate, address and phone number to be valid. Remember that there are options on the type of domain you want to register with certain amounts charged. Usually so far, service plan is $ 30 per year, with additional R $ 27 per additional year. (The values ​​may have changed)

It is also required for the DNS server where your site is, in order to perform the driving traffic to the address that will be registered. In the lower field you can read the contract the service provided by Registro.BR.

After you have registered and all of you have read the service agreement, you should move on and see the payment screen of the domain registration fee. Email redirectors will be offered and thus you will have an address messages to your own site.

Once payment is confirmed, the Registro.BR will hold its website address redirection for the domain you registered. For questions on specific points of service, the site has some enlightening topics that are available to help you in these cases.

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