8 Main items to create a successful website

August 18, 2015 Vinícius Muniz

8 Main items to create a successful website

Understand the importance and which attributes deserve more attention when choosing a hosting and create your site

The world evolves over the decades and society evolves together. As a result, the shape of relating negotiate and is also changed. Previously, a business card was considered sufficient for a company could publicize their work and aquire new contacts efficiently. Today, this is already considered outdated. A company that is limited to this method will not reach, even 10% of your target audience. This scenario, which could have been much more productive if it had invested their online efforts. For this reason, we have prepared a script for you to stay inside on how to design your own website and thereby leverage your business in business!

1. Why is it important to have a website?

A virtual page on the network is nothing more than modern business card. A website is like an enhanced version, lasting and powerful of the old paper tool, with the advantage that can not be thrown away or be forgotten in some corner. He will always be available on the network, making it accessible to anyone who is connected. This single fact has significantly increases the number of potential customers who will have access to your stuff. For this reason, the value used to hire a good web hosting company that will provide you with technical support and quality should be seen as a good investment and a guaranteed return! After all, the reach of the Internet is unlimited and you can expand your network of professional contacts to international levels if desired.

It is very important that the site be customized. It should convey the image of your company and all relevant information for your client. So your page should have a beautiful design combined with functionality. It is also important that visitors have access to forms for registration, list of contacts, addresses, beautiful images about the services or products offered. In addition to being able to make use of other interesting features that appeal to you. The focus here is to make a good first impression and make the site useful, both for the customer and for the company.

2. Should I hire a hosting company to create my website?

We all know that we are in the era of “do it yourself”. There are some clear advantages over adopting this path, as cost savings and greater autonomy to develop all their way. However, what is observed through the free tools currently available that offer this type of service are generally available predefined templates, with little chance of change and customization. These platforms host the site for free, but the ease and given way implies having present in the virtual user page a strong charge of advertising and promotion of the provider’s work, which can decrease the credibility of your company or reduce the power range your brand front of the consumer. After all, in which you trust more? On a website www.empresa.com.br, with clear and clean content about the company or a site www.empresa.hospedagem.com.br, with few tools and full of advertisements, giving that look of visual pollution? For this reason, as we talked about earlier, we spend on a good and reliable company creation and hosting is an investment that is worth being done. It will offer you all the advice and technical support necessary, and provide you with a 100% personalized content based on its experience and market image.

3. What items are essential when creating a website?

At the time of launch its virtual page, always put yourself in the place of his client. Think about your target audience and the type of content that would please. It is important that you enjoy the layout and content of the website, but keep in mind that it was made for your client and not for you. Aware of it, now see the main items that should be considered and deserve special attention when creating a website.

4. Design

This is perhaps the most important item to which you must dedicate more time, because we are visual people and the first impression is the one that is. The design of your website should be simple and clean. There are so many interesting features and layout tools available that it becomes difficult to resist the temptation to put everyone on your page while. But thought the confusion that would be for those who were accessing their content for the first time? In developing the design, flee risk overcrowd your site, causing the sensation of visual clutter to your customer. Escape the excess icons, social media and exaggerated images. Keep in mind that your focus is not dazzled consumers with an elaborate layout, but rather guide you to the ultimate goal, whether getting a service, purchase a product, disclosure of an action, call for a addressing or others.

5. Five essential pages

This rule applies to those who need guidance to develop the content of your site. If you have not thought about it, follow the formula of the five pages that every virtual page must have in order to quickly organize all the information needed to guide the visitor and meet the expectations of this when accessing your content. Are they:

Home : Provide a clear and straightforward text on they will find on the site and how it can get in touch with your company.

Who we are : Create a bond of trust telling his story and market experience. Include successful projects and photos of the professional team.
Products / Services : One of the most important pages and deserves close attention. Draw up a detailed and clean content, illustrated with photos, description, value, delivery forms and deadlines. Do not also forget to mention about the terms and policies of which the consumer needs to be aware of.

Client Testimonials : This is another aspect that will credibility to new prospects. Make room for customers to describe their experience with your company and are pleased with the outcome of the product / service offered.
Contact Us : Never forget to include a page with the phone, email, address, social networks and other forms of contact with your company.

6. Attractive language and imperative

Pay attention to the language used. It should be clear and free of complicated terms. Remember that the internet is available for the most different consumer profiles. That is, while the language should reflect the seriousness of your company, it must be understandable for the different groups of people who will access its contents. And of course, needless to mention that it should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Try to use an inviting and imperative language, to guide the customer towards your goal, as follows: “sign now”, “already ask” and “buy now”.

7. Application forms and newsletters

Being connected with your customer is essential. So develop ways to be present and keep you updated on news and company releases. A good choice is preparing newsletters can be sent weekly or daily, depending on the needs of your company. Beware of exaggerations, your emails may be confused and diverted to the spam box. Vale also offer some sort of promotion or discount to encourage customers to sign up.

8. Invest in pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. That phrase has never been true, especially in the universe in virtual marketing. We are visual beings and guided by what is seen. So it is worth investing time and attention in beautiful, crisp images to compose your site. People need to see to trust what they are buying. If the images do not have a good resolution, they can end up leading stakeholders to look at other sites, buying the same product on competitor where the photo resolution is better. So, consider including hiring a professional photographer to grow its portfolio. You can be sure that the return is guaranteed.

As you can follow in our script, the attention to detail and professionalism in the development of each site’s construction stage are extremely important. So trust who has experience and is ready to give you advice and technical support needed in time to make your virtual business card. This will be the lever for the success of your business. The Hoost is present on the market since 2012 and offers a team of professionals trained and available to create a website that will reflect the real picture of your venture. Our difference is to try to understand to meet. First, we listen to your experience and what you stand for in the labor market and then create content 100% personalized, tailor-made for you. Contact us and find out why in a short time, become the reference in the current hosting market. The Hoost mission is to make its affordable and unique business.

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