The 5 Best code editors for PHP

July 08, 2014 Vinícius Muniz

The 5 Best code editors for PHP

A simple text editor with a .php extension can be used to write PHP language. Usually a text editor does not have any formatting function of text due to which we have to do formatting manually. So normally a large PHP file is difficult to run in a notepad editor. So in this case PHP editors are used to write PHP code in a more professional manner.
Code Editor is basically an application used to create, execute, compile and debug a program and is designed to create applications for particular language with less difficulty.

The 5 best code editors for PHP development are as follows:

Aptana Studio

It is a free web application developed by Aptana Inc. This application is compatible with number of web programming languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Python. It can also be used for web developer IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
Some basic features provided by Aptana are code assist which will assist you while typing, Syntax colouring and Auto code formatting.

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PHP Eclipse

Its basic use is to develop PHP applications. PHP eclipse provides easy tool to debug your code. Its features are matching brackets, auto code completion, PHP manual, syntax colouring and sample code templates.

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It is a programming language IDE mainly focused on Java. Programmers who often develop java and PHP programs then this editor is the best choice. Netbeans is compatible with programming languages such as Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, C, C++ and PHP.
Basic features available are Syntax highlighting, Auto code completion, error highlighting, PHP Debuging and Unit testing.

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It is a web development editor compatible with multiple web programming languages. It is not only supports web development languages like PHP, C/C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and others but is also compatible with different operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Linux and others. It is a fast and light PHP code editor and can run many files at a time.

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Komodo is a fast PHP editor that is compatible with programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and Python. It has a very simple and smooth design interface. Komodo enables the user to use features such as Auto code completion, variable highlighting, opening of files quickly and good user interface.

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These PHP code editors are absolutely free and support multiple coding languages through which developers can work on many programming languages at the same time.

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