10 Plugins to improve the performance of WordPress

September 01, 2015 Vinícius Muniz

10 Plugins to improve the performance of WordPress

All you want is flexibility in time to post their publications, but WordPress not even close to the speed you need? Tired of the platform immobilization that does not allow exercise all their creativity? Well, not yet invented anything perfect, but there are some plugins that can be used to make this CMS – Content Management System – even better.

Yes, because even with all the little problems that sometimes leave the angry user, it is still one of the most used worldwide blog platforms: it is estimated that more than half of blogs and websites that navigate the vast sea of ​​web use the system for inserting content, the largest Blogger rival, the CMS Google.

Okay, there he has his faults, such as customized limitations and poor performance when the site is much visited, but nothing that can not be resolved. Here 10 plugins that will further boost the performance of your site.

1. WP Super Cache

WP super cache

If you are on the internet is because they want to be seen and to be seen, the ideal is to be the first Google search pages, those of organic search, right? Only site does not load right, slow, will hardly stop there. The WP Super Cache caches all aspects of your site, increasing the speed of loading and facilitating user navigation – and thereby improving its position in the Google ranking.

2. Google Analytics for WordPress

 Google Analytics
To improve their performance on Google you need to know how it is in fact, regardless of the administrator’s activities. At this point the Google Analytics for WordPress is still the best plugin: it monitors the site visits ignoring Administrator data taking into account the external and file download tracking.

3. Flare

In times of social networks, who does not take advantage this tool loses the race for ratings. Flare draws attention just right to the content you want to share, giving three positioning options, at first, on the side or at the end of the post. You customize according to what you see fit.

4. Akismet

On the internet you do not know which is your neighbor or anyone who tries to break into your “home”, so protect your site from intruders is essential. To maintain credibility and have a website or blog “clean”, you should protect your spam comments, practice, moreover, that no one seriously like. Akismet identifies the intruder and protect your site against him, leaving him even more reliable.

5. Google XML Sitemaps

A sitemap is essential for those who do not want die in Google search, and this plugin automates the entire process by updating all data each time new content is inserted into your site. In addition, the Google XML Sitemaps you can be customized to notify all search systems – Google, Bing, Yahoo etc – every time there is a new post.

6. Contact Form 7

Look at that cool: in addition to providing contact form easy, simple and functional, Contact Form 7 still works together with Askimet, that other plugin we speak up there, avoiding it to be completed by spammers. So you are sure to be reaching the right audience and be with your free blog these unwanted intruders.

7. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker
This can not miss, it is essential so that your website can seamlessly navigate the sea of ​​network. The Broken Link Checker search for broken links and missing images throughout the content posted – and you have no idea how many people simply forget to do it manually. So it is best to leave to the plugin and relax, taking advantage of the time to worry about the production of content.

8. FD Feedburner

Without modifying templates, asking users if they want to migrate or change arquivos.htaccess the plugin directs, in a discreet but transparent, all registered in your RSS for Feedburner.com, registering them automatically. The FD Feedburner is simple, quickly and safely.

9. Sucuri Security

Maintain site security is paramount. The Sucuri Security maintains the integrity of your system by blocking access notoriously suspicious IPs and websites that distribute malicious spam and hostnames.

10. Total Backup

 Total Backup
After being with the site so straight and everything working so well, all you need is to be sure not to lose any data. Make a full backup of your editor and database in a zip file with the Total Backup .

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